A Mosque that Looks as Charming as It Sounds: This is India’s ‘Charminar’

The Charminar, also known as the mosque of the “four towers”, is a mosque located in Hyderabad, south-central India. The monument was built in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, and was established as Hyderabad’s first monument. It is designated near the river Musi and serves as home to many Hindus and Muslims.

According to several myths, Qutb Shah had previously built the Charminar to wipe out the plague which had ventured on forth in the city, during his reign. Another myth states the gorgeous mosque was in dedication to prove his love to his wife, Bhagyamathi.

With an imposing structure of 56 meters in height and 30 meters in width, the Charminar has four minarets in four corners. Each minaret is 56 meters in length and consists of 149 steps to reach to the top. Being greatly influenced by Indo-Islamic architecture, the Charminar also has 45 covered regional-areas in which people can offer their prayers. Each minaret is 4 stories tall and is said to potentially symbolize the four caliphs in early Islamic history.

Being made of lime-mortar and granite, the Charminar’s prayer-hall has three levels, two galleries, and an open area. In addition, Persian architecture had influence on the particular infrastructure. The giant arches and domes highlight similarities to Islamic architecture in Spain as well. The Charminar is referenced to as the “Arc de Triomphe of the East.”

Legend has it, there appeared to be a secret tunnel which used to exist underneath the Charminar connecting the Fort at Golconda in order to escape due to an emergency for the royal family. To present day, the tunnel in the Charminar is believed to be a mystery as it has been unable to have been found.

You can also go to multiple different markets which are located near the Charminar’s minarets as well. Also known as Laad Bazaar and Pathar Gaati, you can buy an assortment and influx of jewelry and trinkets as well.

Probably the greatest element regarding the Charminar is the fact that it is inclusive of all faiths, regardless of religion. Anyone is allowed to worship inside the mosque regardless of their irrespective religions. The best time to visit the Charminar would be at night where lively and colorful bazaars come to life, and people come to look around and shop.

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Written by Noor Siddiqui

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