9 Facts on How Muslims Influenced a Fashion Revolution in History

Today’s Muslim fashionistas are everywhere. This is not a new trend though, check out these 10 facts about how Muslims influenced a fashion revolution when no one even cared about spring collections and high heels.

1. Popular fashions like high-heeled shoes and lightweight pants for summer first came on to the scene in Muslim Spain more than a thousand years ago.

2. Ziryab, a famous 8th- to 9th-century musician and stylist from Baghdad, sparked a fashion movement in the Muslim world when he moved to Cordoba, in Muslim Spain.

3. People in Muslim Spain began to follow a fashion calendar, changing their styles based on the season like we do now.

4. Women in Muslim Spain went from wearing their hair in a single braid down the back to a bolder, shorter cut with bangs.

5. Men began shaving their beards – a nod to Ziryab’s clean-cut look.

6. Leather and cork-soled sandals became all the rage in Muslim Spain and a staple of the export trade.

7. Two medieval Muslim writers penned a book detailing how to make sandals, down to the specific stitching.


8. Some shoemakers put sand below the heel to make it higher and to act as a shock absorber, creating one of the earliest forms of high heels. 

9. Today’s global Muslim fashion industry is estimated to be worth around 96 billion dollars.

Which fact did you already know?

Written by Mvslim

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