9 Celebrities Wearing a Fabulous Outfit Designed by Pakistani-Afghan Immigrant Designer Osman

The designs by the British born fashion designer and artist Osman Yousefzada has been worn and loved by many celebrities, including Beyoncé, Celine Dion, Taylor Swift and Emma Watson. The designer with Pakistani-Afghan roots want to pay tribute to his mom with his art and designs.

Osman Yousefzada grew up in a Muslim, Pakistani-Afghan immigrant family in Birmingham. His father was a carpenter by trade and his mother started a business as a seamstress. She would make clothes for the family and the women of the neighborhood. The British designer has mentioned several times that his mother was the inspiration behind his fashion career. As a young boy he was inspired by her to make clothes more spontaneously, without patterns.

His studies

The artist went to London and started his anthropology studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies. After dropping out to start a fashion foundation course at Central Saint Martins, he finished his anthropology degree and did an MPhil at Cambridge. He returned back to fashion and launched his own brand OSMAN in 2007.

Now 11 years later his designs have gained much attention by celebrities from around the world. We will list up a few of his beautiful designs!

1. Jennifer Lopez

Images: http://osmanlondon.com

The eternal young-looking talented actress is wearing an elegant outfit, with beautiful accessoires, such as the known wide ‘JLO’ earrings. Although she’s wearing long pants and sleeves, the outfit can be worn perfectly during summer, because of the wide trousers.

2. Lady Gaga

Even pop-singer Lady Gaga wears outfits designed by the talented Osman. Gaga is known for her remarkable outfits and she’s not afraid to combine different kinds of garments and clothing fabrics. The high, somewhat gothic, heels, in combination with a cute red bow, make the outfit an eye-catching!

3. Elisabeth Moss

Well, blessed be the fruit! The star of ‘The Haindmaid’s tale’ is showing off her beautiful floral dress. The outfit screams ‘summer’! What more can we ask?

4. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a multitalented American singer, producer, actress and fashion designer. She’s wearing a short, golden-yellow dress with a beautiful, eastern-looking print on.

5. Miranda Kerr

We can’t imagine an outfit where Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr wouldn’t look great in, but this pink dress is beyond cute. The dress has a simple design making it a very chic outfit.

6. Kristen Stewart

Who doesn’t love jumpsuits?! Luckily, the Twilight-actress does, too. The dots on her outfit make the usually serious looking jumpsuit, a playful one.

7. Anne Hathaway

“Me, a princess? Shut up!” This quote will never lose it’s awesomeness. The actress of the movies that many teenage girls absolutely love, the princess diaries, is blowing us away with this outfit. She’s wearing an ink-blue maxi dress and a white crop top. Bonus: her beautiful smile, right?!

8. Queen Rania of Jordan

Even the royalty isn’t missing out on Osman’s talented work! Here, Queen Rania is spotted wearing a red, formal and elegant dress.

9. Beyoncé

Last but not least, this outfit of Osman perfectly fits Queen B and her fierceness.

We totally love all of his designs! Which one is your favorite?