9 Beautiful Islamic Love Quotes Your Wife Will Love

Best Islamic love quotes

When you love someone, you try to find ways to show them how much. 

But sometimes, especially those of us who aren’t born poets, just saying “I love you”  simply doesn’t feel like enough. 

And most of the time – it isn’t. 

It was the way of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) to magnify his affection towards his wives with generous gestures and kind words. It was he who taught us that the best of men are those who are best to their wives.

So how do you go about being the best you can be to your wife and expressing the depth of your feelings towards her? 

The most inexpensive but powerful answer is love quotes and poetry. 

They can capture what we feel so eloquently and in a way that ignites warmth and meaning. So, whether she’s having a bad day, feeling stressed out or you just want to switch things up a little with a surprise – we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve collected 9 of the most romantic quotes and poems that will show her just how much you care, how much she means to you and draw you both closer together 

These love quotes can be framed, sent as a simple text message or if you’re feeling really confident recited out loud for a spectacle you’ll both remember forever!

Here are the 9 best love quotes for every occasion and moment. 

1) How to compliment her beauty.

It’s within human nature to have the desire to be acknowledged and recognised. When someone notices even the slightest thing about another person, no matter how small, the heart smiles. 

So do not be afraid to exaggerate your compliment – it costs nothing and will bring a priceless sparkle to her eye and heart that will shine through the rest of both your days. 

You look gorgeous today, especially

when you smile with those pearly whites,

even the angels start to blush at your beauty. 

~ Through His Eyes

2) Arrange a quiet evening together in style…

How to arrange a date in style

Whether you have children or not. Getting away from your day to day life by relaxing and reconnecting—emotionally, physically, and romantically, will help nurture your relationship with each other. 

And if you do have children, you’ll know these opportunities continuously seem to sneak away. So the moment you realise there is an opportunity for some quiet time away together, why not arrange it in style with the most romantic message you could send!

You are the sea, and I am the sky.

Nobody is in between, so when

When would you like to meet? 

~ Through His Eyes

3) Funny Islamic quote to brighten her day!

A random message of love often goes a long way. Surprise her today with a cute Islamic love quote guaranteed to make her laugh. 

Did anyone tell you?

That if stealing wasn’t haram,

I’d steal your heart and take

you to Jannah. 

~ Through His Eyes

4) How to compliment her dress

How to compliment your wife

Women often feel self conscious about how they appear. It is important to nurture their confidence and show your appreciation by complimenting her choice of outfit. 

But if there’s ever an occasion where for whatever reason you don’t quite like her dress, here is a masterful response you can have ready when asked the inevitable question, ‘ how do I look?’ ;

White roses in your hair,

and whatever you wear,

will bring me a smile,

I swear. 

~ Through His Eyes

5) Eye love you

Since the beginning of time, eyes have been used as a means to convey emotions and the beauty of women in general. It’s often referred to as a gateway into the soul. Speak to her eyes with this quote and you’ll soon find yourself in her heart. 

You are mine and I am yours.

Now let me swim in your pretty

brown eyes and you can swim in

the valley of love hidden inside my heart 

~ Through His Eyes

6) Show how much she means to you

This quote is perfect to memorise for that moment when you want to tell her how much she means to you but struggling for words. 

You are sweeter than honey, more fragrant

than musk, and the love of my life.

You are priceless.

~ Through His Eyes

7) If she’s feeling self conscious

Helping your wife overcome low self esteem is your duty as a husband, and it’s critical that you let her know that you truly love her just the way she is. This quote will help you do just that. 

My words cannot describe your

imperfect perfection, I hope the

eternal flame of love will.

~ Through His Eyes

8) Does she love books?

Book love quotes

Is she a book lover? This book quote will make her smile a smile you’ve never seen before. 

Your eyes are full of language, they

are a novel that I adore reading, so

let me read them to you.

~ Through His Eyes

9) Best quote to express your love

Plato once said, “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” If only that was really true :) It’s hard to find the right words to capture exactly what you want to say, but luckily for you this love quote does it beautifully. 

My heart might be a valley of love

but it’s your eyes that are an ocean of beauty.

~ Through His Eyes

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