8 Times Muslims Have Trolled The Media Hilariously

Whichever way you look at it, Muslims get a lot of stick in the media. From one-dimensional characters portraying us in fictional work, to words of fear and threat used to describe us by politicians, sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine. Her is a list of the times trolled the media. 

1. The Trump Billboard

Sometimes someone’s Islamophobia can be so laughable that the only way to counter it is with some comedy.  The billboard reads, “Donald Trump cannot read this, yet he’s still afraid of it”.

2. The Arabic Bag

Rock, Paper, Scissors, a Palestinian retailer, came up with a novel way to troll using their trendy bag.

The bag reads, “”This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language.”

3. Homeland Graffiti

Despite the show’s success, many would say Homeland is just another series that has targeted the image of Muslims, with its lazy, largely negative, portrayals of Muslim characters. So when three graffiti artists were asked to make a refugee camp set more authentic, by adding Arabic graffiti, they did what any politically conscious artist would have done; they used their art to troll and critique.

“Homeland is a watermelon” In colloquial Arabic, saying something is a watermelon is like saying it’s not worth much, nor is it to be taken seriously.

“Homeland is racist” underneath “llllloooolllllll”.

Last but not least, “#BlackLivesMatter”

4. The Muslims Are Coming!
To promote their documentary, The Muslims Are Coming!, Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah trolled NYC’s subways with this funny poster:

5. Abu Comedy

Who can forget the legend who goes by the name of…

Much less political but hilarious nonetheless. Tip to those who don’t speak Arabic, don’t ask any of the following about the meaning of this “name”: an Arabic employer, older relative, spouse’s relative, an imam, a sheikh or a child. Palestinian-American, Sayyed Jamal Hamideh, saw his chance to make millions of people laugh and seized it when he was interviewed at the University of Houston about a robbery that had taken place.
(Curious to know the meaning? Take a look at the bottom of this article!)

6. #MuslimsReportStuff

Among the questionable statements made by Donald Trump during the presidential debates, was this gem, “And we have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on. When they see hatred going on, they have to report it,”. As if Muslims need to be reminded that citizens should report illegal behaviour, or that our social circles are typically filled with terrorists. The best way to respond to such belittling condescension, hashtag #MuslimsReportStuff and troll it.

7. When ISIS Calls

Or when ISIS calls on you to join their ranks and help their fight, Muslim Tweeps responded with a barrage of excuses:

8. Stars and Stripes Hijab

So you’ve been invited as a guest on Fox news, possibly the most notoriously Islamophobic mainstream News outlet; a channel that regularly peddles lies and half-truths about Islam and Muslims, repetitively questioning the idea that Muslims can be both religious and American. What could be the best visual way to demonstrate your commitment to both Islam and the U.S.A.? Well played, Saba Ahmed…

*Abu Sharmouta means ‘Father of a Whore’ – Woeps, sorry mom!

Written by Tamim Mobayed

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Tamim is a 28 year old Dublin born Syrian who grew up in Belfast. He is working in the Media and studying for a Ph.D. in Psychology, part-time. He's a big fan of Liverpool Football Club and cats.