8 Breakup Lines That Show You How Hilarious Muslims Are

Break-ups are never easy. Whether you are the one doing the breaking up or the one being broken up with, it’s hard to be completely honest in these kind of situations. Luckily, Muslims are absolutely the best at finding creative ways to deliver this painful message. If you are ever on the receiving end of one of these 8 break-up lines, the message is very clear: It’s really over.

1. “It’s not you, its my dad”

2. “I’m sorry, I got a cousin”

3. “I think we’re better off as brother and sister in Islam”

4. “You are not worthy of seeing my hair”

5. “I said insh’Allah, I didn’t say for sure”

6. “It’s not you, it’s Immigration Services”

7. “Sorry habibi, my mom’s friend’s daughter’s nanny’s ex-lover’s goat saw us together. We can’t be together anymore…”

8. “I think you took it the wrong way when I said I wanted a date”

Wouldn’t you want to end things like this?

Written by Mvslim

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