7-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Memorises Entire Quran

A 7-year-old Palestinian child has recently taken the Muslim world by storm after he memorises all 77,000+ words of the Quran.

Just shortly after he finished the first grade, Rashad Nimr Abu Ras had yet another achievement to add to his growing list and one that a lot of us could only dream of having; he memorised the entire Holy Quran. The 7-year-old, who is a native of Gaza in Palestine, achieved his Hafiz status, earning him fame in the local area.

The young boy joined a panel of scholars who verified the memorisation as his family watched on proudly. His sister even made a little sign that read ‘Rashad is the most beautiful Hafiz’.

Speaking to The Palestinian Chronical, Rashad’s father told the outlet of how he managed to accomplish this type of success at such a young age.

“He encouraged his son by rewarding him for every few pages of the Quran he memorized, the outlet wrote. “Initially, this meant that Rashad acquired a new soccer ball and other toys. Ultimately, he became the proud owner of a brand new bike [too.]”

After rallying around support from his family, friends and even neighbours, Rashad then took it upon himself to continue his religious studies until one day, he managed to complete it.

The recognition event, which was attended by a large number of Gaza dignitaries and scholars, was just the cherry on top of such an amazing achievement and really just shows us that age is but a number when it comes to success. For his efforts he received his own personalised Quran as well as other gifts from his loved ones.

This news story was originally reported by The Palestinian Chronicle.