7-Year-Old Girl Memorises Entire Quran

A girl from the United Kingdom has received praise after she memorised the entire Quran at only seven-years-old.

Maariya Aslam, from Luton, England, stole the hearts of Muslims everywhere after she worked tirelessly to learn the Quran by heart. Her journey started at five years old when she challenged herself to memorise Surah Yasin for a charity event to raise money for families in Syria.

Her mother picked up on the fact that she was a pretty fast learner and wanted to help her become a Hafiza (a title for a female that has memorised the Quran). However, there were no classes available in the area they lived in, so she took it upon herself to guide her daughter through the journey.

Maariya would spend approximately 5 hours a day on her Islamic duties, a few before school and a few after. And in order to keep her motivated, her mum would give her a prize of her choice after every portion of the holy book was memorised. Of course, the young girl picked things any kid would, colouring books, cuddly toys etc.

Speaking to IlmFeed, her mum described the process as requiring a lot of patience, adding that she “was overwhelmed and extremely emotional to think Allah gave [her] the patience to see this through.

“It wasn’t easy,” she added.

Credit: Instagram / @hafisamaariya7

After two years of continuous hard work, Maariya achieved her goal. At only seven years old, she had memorised the entire Quran by heart and had a ceremony to celebrate.

Her proud mother said that she prays that she “always lives by what she has learnt.”

Now, at the age of twelve years old, the young Hafiza spends her time teaching others the way of the Quran, while also sharing videos of her recitations online via YouTube and Instagram.

She’s truly shown the world that you’re never too young to achieve big things. Congratulations!

Written by Mvslim

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