7 Times Everybody Thought Drake Was Muslim

Everybody knows Drake isn’t a Muslim (do we really, though?), but deep down, his inner Muslim comes out sometimes. It might be subtle, or it could all just be in our heads, but the next moments are pretty questionable, right?

1. He uses Al Jazeera and Inshallah in his lyrics

Muslim slang on point.

2. Is he doing the Shahada here?

Let’s all pray he does.

3. He’s learning to speak Arabic

He already knows we use the word habibi A LOT.

4. He oftens looks like he’s about to drop the sickest adhaan

Can you hear it too?

5. He appreciates hijabis


6. He even tried to wear the headscarf himself

And doesn’t he look fabulous?

7. He was the topic of the best Muslim meme ever made

No comment.

What do you think? Is he trying to tell us something?