7 Reasons Why Rose Water Is The Best Natural Skin Cleanser

Rosewater benefits

Rose is known as the flower of love — so naturally, it should come as no surprise that for centuries, across the world, it has been loved as the best beauty ingredient.

So why is it so popular? What are the benefits of using it? And how can I use it? All this will be covered in glowing detail below.

What is rose water?

It’s as simple as it sounds…

Roses are red. 

Water is blue. 

Together these two,

heal, balance and refresh the skin for you! 

Simply by distilling Damascena rose petals with steam you get rosewater.

Rose water benefits

What are the benefits of rose water for the face?

1) Rosewater calms sensitive skin

Rosewater is a great way to cool and calm your skin from redness and irritation.

2) A natural makeup remover

If you are struggling to find a natural makeup removal product, rosewater works wonders to remove makeup while still hydrating the skin!

And if you’re someone who forgets to remove your makeup before bed, remember that it can be detrimental to your skin. This is why quick and easy to apply natural pure rosewater foaming cleanser products exist! 

Simply by applying the foaming cleanser, you get rid of the day’s grime, dirt, and oils without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

You get a deep cleansing and mild peeling effect. 

And dead epithelial cells are removed – leaving your face feeling soft, fresh, lighter and bright.

3) Treats skin conditions

Packed with powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, rose water has been found to help soothe and reduce sunburns, irritation, eczema, mild acne, and dry flaking skin.

4) Rosewater anti-ageing properties

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Everyone wants to stay young but we all know that’s not possible. For thousands of years women have been using rose water to bring a delightful glow to their faces. 

How? High in vitamin A and vitamin C, rosewater can help the skin rebuild collagen, fade skin hyperpigmentation and reduce lines and stretch marks.

In addition due to its toning properties, rose water can tighten the look of your skin!

5) Balances skin’s pH level

Your skin has a delicate pH level that needs to stay balanced. Due to external factors such as pollution the skin, especially if you live in the city, finds itself imbalanced. This causes many skin problems to occur. How do you stop this from happening? Retain the pH balance by using natural ingredients free of chemicals such as rose water.

6) Hydrates the skin

What is essential for youthful and glowing skin? The answer is moisture. 

Rosewater is a natural moisturizer for your skin. Almost instantly giving you rejuvenating moisture for a fresh and bright complexion.

7) Reduces the appearance of large pores.

Rosewater can help to remove impurities from everyday residue and toxins. It does this by decongesting your pores which also reduces the appearance of the pesky large ones. Leaving your skin looking luminous, smooth. 

Is rose water safe/good for the skin?

Yes. There are no known risks for most people unless you are of course allergic to the substance. 

What to look for in a rosewater cleanser

When it comes to a rosewater cleanser, all you have to remember is the word natural. Rosewater is effective on its own and doesn’t need a lot of unnecessary ingredients, especially ones you cannot pronounce.

Check the labels of any rose water product you come across to make sure it doesn’t have any artificial fragrances/substances or alcohol. 

Anaakas rosewater cleanser has just 5 ingredients: Pure rosewater, bergamot and fresh grapefruit essential oils, sunflower oil, residue remover.

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