7 Muslim-Friendly Islands Everyone Has to Visit at Least Once

Planning your next trip but not sure where to go? After all, you need to check all the boxes such as a beautiful beach, incredible views, tasty (halal) food and a spark of culture and history. We made you a list with 7 amazing islands that really do match your tropical needs.

1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is an island located in Tanzania, nearby the east coast. Zanzibar translated from Arabic means “coast of black people” and has been home to intelligent humans for more than 20 000 years. Do you want to lay on white sand beaches in the morning and go on a jungle safari in the afternoon? You do? I suggest you hurry up ‘cause Zanzibar is calling your name. Oh and did I mention that 99% of the population is Muslim? Delicious halal dishes in abundance.

2. Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, nearby Bali, is the perfect substitute for its big brother Bali. If you’re looking for a more calm, untouched (not taken over by mass tourism) island with breathtaking views, Lombok is the perfect fit for you. For any adventurous spirits, there are a lot of activities such as surfing, mountain climbing, sightseeing or even a visit to a monkey forest. Indonesia is also the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country.

3. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is part of the 99 islands surrounding Malaysia. This island is filled with swaying palm trees and powder-fine sand beaches. In Malaysia, you can find all the ingredients to become the perfect Islamic tourist destination such as prayer facilities, Islamic history and lots of tasty halal food. There are also a lot of fun activities such as visiting the Langkawi Sky bridge with mesmerizing views or the Langkawi Cable Car. This car takes visitors up to the top of the mountain Mat Cincang, offering them an amazing portion of exceptional views.

4. Hawaiian Islands

Aloha! This island is part of the United States of America but completely different and unlike every American state you have ever seen. This place is filled with once in a lifetime-experiences you will remember forever. There’s also a big Muslim community uniting people with different backgrounds, cultures and races. You can go windsurfing, go on some helicopter or horse back tours. For those who want to relax, there are spa facilities and cosy farmers markets.

5. Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is an island located northeast of Crete and is filled with Greek Ancient culture and a lot of Muslim heritage. There’s a Muslim library opposite to the Mosque of Suleiman in the old town. There are also a couple of halal restaurants nearby the old town or restaurants that offer a few halal dishes. A must for anyone who’s interested in a cultural and history-inspired holiday.

6. Naxos, Greece

Another Greek island you must visit, is Naxos. This island might be one of the most underrated Greek island you can find. It has its history with Dionysus as its protagonist and mouth-watering fresh fish. Next to any pescetarian options, there are also a lot of veggie dishes you can try out.

7. Cocos Islands, Australia

An Australian island sited in the Indian Ocean with approximately 600 inhabitants. Nearly 80% is Muslim. This island is discovered by Captain William Keeling, that’s why they sometimes call it Cocos Keeling Island. A couple of activities you must try out are definitely snorkeling and kite surfing. This island is so relaxed and safe, the locals don’t even lock their doors at night.

Bonus: Martinique, France

This island fulfills the needs of every different kind of tourist. Luxury seekers, adventurers or people that enjoy putting their feet in the sand and the calming sound of waves clashing, they’ll all find their peace and joy on this island. Don’t forget to go visit the Montagne Pelée and various museums that hold such enriched and large history of Martinique. There’s also a big Palestinian community and a mosque with a full time imam.


Can ‘t choose? Who says you have to? Use this list as a bucket list!

This article was written by Ghofrane Sbai

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