7 Muslim Fashion Designers Everyone Should Know

There’s a modest fashion trend happening today; this makes that the Muslim fashion industry is starting to get a place in the fashion industry worldwide. These are seven Muslim fashion designers who are making their way into the dazzling world of fashion.

Iman Aldebe

Known for her remarkable turban character, Iman Aldebe is not only designing, she is also changing the image of Muslim women. As the daughter of a retired Imam, Iman fights through critics about Muslim women who wear make-up, are into fashion and even have a career. Today, her famous turban line is being displayed exclusively from Paris to New York.

Hana Tajima

Her collaboration with UNIQLO has made Hana Tajima even more famous in the fashion world. She was born in UK from artistic parents, which made that she was constantly surrounded by a creative environment ever since she was a kid. Her designs are a combination of modest fashion and the latest fashion trends. Through her designs and styles, she demonstrates that dressing modestly doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

Hana Tajima launched her collaboration with UNIQLO on July 3rd, 2015 in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. It was released again in USA on February 26th, 2016.

Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi was a boarding kid who loved to draw dresses in the back of her schoolbook back when she was a young girl. Pelangi means rainbow, that’s what this ESMOD graduate applied in almost all of her designs. Vibrant colors and vivid tye-dye are the main characters seen in her design, while she also keeps loyal to her local traditional character like songket and batik that she often brings to her design.

Her works set her forth to London Fashion Week lately which also led her to get interviewed live by CNN.

Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussa

Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussa are the founders of the label Integrity, they design modest evening and formal wear which would fit to whether Muslims or non-Muslims who want to have extra coverage for their apparel but still looks stylish. Bringing the tagline faith-fashion-fusion, Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussa fuse faith and fashion as two intertwined things.

 Hikmat Saleh

Hikmat Saleh was supposed to be a lawyer but he discovered that his passion was in designing Muslim wear. Today Hikmat Saleh is the CEO of his own brand named Hikmat Fashion. Starting his business in Baghdad, he is now designing abayas and other variants of Muslim dresses with a lavish and elegant touch.

Jenahara Nasution

Being the daughter of an Indonesian senior designer, Jenahara Nasution still makes her own way to the fashion world by starting her own label with her name. Her designs focus on purity, modernity and uniqueness. She was also the founder of Indonesian Hijabers Community which became the trigger to the massive growth of Muslim fashion in Indonesia.

Dina Torkia

Starting her career as a fashion blogger, Dina Torkia who’s also known as Dina Tokio now has her own fashion line. Focusing on scarves, Dina Tokio also adds unique characteristics to her clothing collection which comes in a combination of modest and minimalist with an ethnic touch.

This article is written by Novia Hartini

Novia Hartini is a content writer and copywriter based in Indonesia, interested in fashion and literature, loves to do storytelling.

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