7 Hilarious Comics We Can All – Unfortunately – Relate To

Huda Fahmy is the artist behind the Yes, I’m Hot in This Instagram page where she shares webcomics about the daily experiences of a Muslim woman in America. She also published a book called “The Hilarious Truth about Life in a Hijab”. Here are 7 of her comics that you might relate to!


Turns out I actually did know her…

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Many Muslims grow up in a community where all members know each other, but that does not necessarily mean that you know every single Muslim or hijabi in town. And of course the colour of hijab does not identify the person.


It’s like some people just want to find a way to make you not enjoy certain foods anymore. The pain you feel when you can’t eat your favorite food anymore is unbearable!


Oppressed, oppressed and oppressed. Who knew it could be so easy to convince someone that you’re NOT oppressed.


Every time someone asks this question, it feels like having an identity crisis. You’re not American. You can’t speak English. You’re not at home…even in your own house.


Although Muslims do not celebrate Christmas, we can’t deny that the amount of Christmas content makes us sing “jingle bells, jingle bells”.


But, seriously.


How many times did you have to repeat your name for it to be pronounced correctly? And what about spelling it right? The next time Starbucks misspells your name, you shouldn’t be angry anymore. After your 500th cup of coffee, they will get it right.

8. Bonus

For more of these hilarious comics, check out Yesimhotinthis on Instagram.

(Sumaya El-Zaher)