7 Essential Apps for Muslims Observing Ramadan

For Muslims, Ramadan is one of the holiest months in the Islam lunar calendar. Millions of Muslims around the world observe the Ramadan period as they practice spiritual discipline and purification during this time which lasts approximately 30 days.

Here are seven apps you should consider downloading to help you during Ramadan.

1. Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed App

Quran Majeed allows you to have a copy of the Quran on your mobile device, making it convenient to read and refer to it on your tablet or smartphone. It also has 45 different language translations of the Quran.

Available onAndroid and iOS

2. Ramadan Legacy

Ramadan Legacy

Ramadan Legacy app allows users to track their Ramadan achievements throughout the month. It also provides the ability to share your Ramadan journey with others through reflectiions and photos.

Available onAndroid and iOS

3. InstaDeen Lite

ImstaDeen Lite

InstaDeen Lite is for those who want to share photos with Quran verses or Islam quotes on social media and messaging apps.

Available oniOS

4. ShareTheMeal


With the ShareTheMeal app you could also think of those in need during Ramadan. The app allows you to donate food to hungry children around the world at the tap of a button.

Available onAndroid and iOS

5. Muslim Dua Now

Muslim Dua Now

Muslim Dua Now has a full catalog of Islamic duas divided in 18 major categories. It also has a translation feature.

Available onAndroid iOS

6. Athan by IslamicFinder

Image result for athan by islamicfinder

With over 10 million users, Athan by IslamicFinder brings you Ramadan times for Sehr o Iftar, Ramadan Calendar, Ramadan Duas, & Ramadan book to log your daily fasting.

With Athan, stay on top of your prayers, get accurate prayer times, Azan times, azan alarm, recite the Holy Quran with 45+ translations, Duas, log prayers in the PrayerBook to track your Salat performance, Qibla finder, new Islamic year dates in Hijri Calendar and get connected to Muslim community.

Available on: Android and  iOS

7. Zabihah


Zabihah helps you locate the nearest Halaal restaurant based on your location. It is a useful guide for halal foodies and it also geo-locates the nearest markets and mosques.

Available onAndroidiOS

Written by syedmajidshah

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