7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your House For Eid

People love when you pay attention to detail, so filling each room with little surprises, such as the ones that will be outlined in this article, will help make your home feel extra special on this joyous occasion.

1. Eid balloons 

You can never have too many balloons in the house, and for the little ones, pack each balloon with a secret stash of Eid money and treats!

2. Eid banquet

Don’t forget to decorate the table before your Eid banquet with the loved ones!

3. Moroccan lamps 

What better occasion to receive something mystical which inspires a sense of fascination upon every glance. Moroccan lamps are always a hit and diffuse happiness and colour in every room.

4. And you can take room decoration to a greater level like this:

5. Eid Trees

Get the little ones to help you to create an Eid tree, it’ always more fun!

6. Eid gift frames

Buy gift frames that people will treasure!

7. Eid card

Finally, give each person their very own bespoke Eid card! Making personalised Eid cards for friends and familie gives off a sentimental vibe that can only be produced by hand written letters penned to our close ones.

Eid Mubarak!

Written by Sara Tofiq

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Sara is an undergrad student living in London and through writing she hopes to inspire others. She is obsessed with cats, green tea and likes the sound of rain during the night