6 well-known statements about food: true or false?

You see it almost everywhere that people write about nutrition. In books, magazines and not to forget, on the Internet! Internet is an easy source for information and of course also to disseminate information. That has advantages and disadvantages. There is so much said about nutrition and there is much hype in terms of nutrition. But, should we believe everything? What is true and what is nonsense? Here you will find some ‘fables and facts’ about nutrition that you often come across.

“Raw food is healthier”

There are people who only eat “raw food.” Raw food is uncooked and crude food. They eat only raw fruits and vegetables, and other unprepared foods. According to them, that has the advantage that it contains additional enzymes for digestion. But those enzymes are also created at a normal diet. Raw vegetables do not supply more nutrients than cooked vegetables. On the contrary, because cooking breaks open the cell wall structure, the body can better digest the vegetables and absorb the nutrients more easily. So, “raw food” is not much healthier than cooked food!

“Fasting is healthy”

Yes it is! Fasting has so many advantages on your health. You can fast for several reasons. You are doing it purely for your health or religion. Like the Muslims for example; Muslims stop eating from Sahur (Imsak) to sundown during the month Ramadan. Many scientific articles underpin the health benefits of fasting. Some of these are: fasting promotes detoxification of the body, it is good for your digestion, it lowers blood sugar, and it helps with addictions!

“Calories are calories”

You see it often in commercials of mostly ‘unhealthy well-known food producers’ who want to sell their products by make you believe they are not harmful. And the slogan they use is calories are calories. According to them, it is about how much you eat at a day and not what you eat, which is absolutely nonsense! A muffin and avocado may contain the same amount of calories. But which one is healthier and contains more nutrients? Of course, the avocado does. In terms of fat composition is avocado much healthier and fats in muffins bring in long-term damage to your health. It is useful to not only watch the calories of a product but also the composition of the nutrients!

“Butter is healthier than margarine”

When I tell this to people, I get to hear that margarine and low-fat margarine contain vegetable fats and are healthier than the animal fats in butter. Right, they contain unsaturated fats that are found in plant-based oils. But aren’t vegetable fats liquid? Such as olive oil and sunflower oil? That’s what I’m talking about. Margarine and low-fat margarine are actually vegetable fats, and are also liquid in the beginning. To get the consistency of butter they go through a process. Trans fats are created during this process, which is very harmful to your health. But I keep saying: use butter as spread on your bread instead of margarine and use vegetable oils when you’re cooking your meals!

“Eating before going to bed makes you fat”

It is even said that what you eat before bedtime is converted into fat even if it is a carrot. Of course this is not true. If you eat more than what you need of course you will gain weight, which makes sense. Usually, this statement is based on the fact that people in the course of the evening choose fatty products as a snack. When you are going for a healthier choice, there’s nothing to worry about!

“Dried fruit contains more fiber and minerals than fresh fruit”

True! Fibers are important for proper bowel function. Dried fruit contains more fibers than fresh fruit. In addition, it bursts of iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. So, it is a good choice as a snack!

It is important not to accept all what’s being said on the Internet and suchlike about nutrition. Take care that the information is from a trusted source. And most importantly, be critical!

Written by Gulsah Kayar

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Gulsah Kayar, 23 years old and Nutrition & Dietetics student. She loves baking, travelling with her friends and playing sports.