Here Are 6 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Eid

Tomorrow it’s time. Eid is at our doorstep. All over the world, people have been looking forward to this special day. Although it is a day of celebration, a lot of preparation goes into it. Here is a short list of tips which might help you in overcoming any tricky situations.

1. Do some cheek excercises to get ready for all the kisses

2. Start dieting a little, you know you’ll gain weight on Eid

3. Start the search for that perfect Eid outfit

4. Prepare yourself for the smell of meat that will last a week in your house

5. Start refreshing the names of relatives you only see on Eid

6. Decorate, decorate everything

I wish you all an eid Mubarak, enjoy this special day so much as you can!

Written by Ibtissam Loutfi

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Ibtissam studies French and Art to become a teacher. She loves good talks and is a passionate drawer.