6 Misconceptions Converts Are Tired Of Hearing

1. “Did you convert because you fell in love with a Muslim man/woman?”

Probably one of the most common questions, however – also one of the most annoying. Regardless of relationship status, I can make a decision on my own.

2. “Does it mean you are supporting terrorism or extremism?”

Nah – I will probably be like the 99,994% other Muslims, who are normal human beings.

3. “Why do you want to imprison yourself, when you are born in a free democratic country?”

Freedom is really relative. I actually chose to use our democracy and freedom to choose a religion I felt was right for me.

4. (Often from friends and family) “So you don’t want to see us, now when you are Muslim and we aren’t?”

*Sight* because no one were ever friends or related across religions. Sarcasm might occur.

5. When becoming more modest “Don’t you want people to find you sexy and attractive?”


If you are so superficial, you can only be attracted by appearance, I probably don’t need you in my life anyway.

6. From other Muslims “What sect did you choose?” (if you didn’t choose the one they are in)


“No! You will burn in hell and you are still an infidel!” One thing which can be super frustrating, when you convert, is the politics within Islam, and the people trying to pull you over on their side. I am probably still searching, and if I need your guidance, I will ask.

Curiosity is always good, and of course it is nice when people are interested in knowing our story. But please try not to generalize, and respect our decision. There might have been more thoughts behind it, than a crush and of course we will still love our old friends and family regardless of their own personal opinion.

Written by Simone Doenvang

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Simone is a convert from Denmark. She has been traveling in Asia and the Middle East, and has in the past worked in advertising in Dubai and Pakistan, and within marketing and copywriting in Vietnam. She is currently living in Sweden, where she is finishing her studies in International Trading- and Marketing.