6 Beautiful Acts Of Kindness We’ve Seen The Past Years During Ramadan

1. Christians helping Muslims in Palestine
In the previous Ramadan in 2015, Christians were helping Palestinians. Most Palestinians were travelling to Jerusalem to pray the salah or to visit their family. When the Christians saw that the Muslims had great difficulties to be on time for suhoor (the meal before the sunrise) or iftar (meal after the sunset) because of the long waiting hours at the Israeli checkpoints, they decided to provide those Muslims with water and food, so that they could break their fasting on time.

2. Cairo’s streets become charity restaurants during Ramadan
A beautiful act of kindness had occurred last Ramadan in Cairo were private companies, mosques, charity organizations, groups of neighbours and individuals organized charity iftar. These charity iftars are for the poor people but others are also welcome according to munchies.vice.com

3. Every Ramadan, these maids save to help poor in Sri Lanka
A group of housemaids in Sri Lanka have been saving their money for 4 months before this years Ramadan will arrive. They want to help the poor people in their home village which has been destroyed in heavy floods. Despite of this, the women, who earn between 1.200dh and 2.000dh started shopping and will distribute the stuff to the poor during Ramadan according to gulfnews.com. These are some powerful women.

4. Muslims and Hindus in Mahoba: fasting together to obtain health insurance
In Mahomba,a region situated in the north of India, Hindus started a campaign which should attract political attention and obtain health insurance. Besides that, they want to show that 2 religions are able to live in harmony. The Hindus are going to fast the first days of Ramadan with the Muslims.

5. Algeria donates World Cup prize money to Gaza
‘They need the money more than us’, said Slimani in 2014, when the Algerian soccer team donated their World Cup prize money. The Algerian soccer team received $9 million after their loss to Germany according to the news website alalam.ir and they donated their entire price money to Gaza.

6. How American Muslims are helping black churches rebuild after spate of fires
American muslims gathered to help rebuild burned out church buildings for the black Christian community. According to the huffingtonpost.com there were 3 Muslim organizations who teamed up to save money to restore the church.


Written by Azzeddine Marchouh

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Azzeddine is a 18 year old entrepreneur who uses his time efficiently, he studied international business and is ready to discover the globe. Besides, he has the privilege to work as a private chauffeur.