5 Ways to Help Accommodate Muslims in the Workplace

The workplace can be a difficult place to navigate.

From finding space to pray to making sure you have halal options to eat around you, there are a whole bunch of little factors that we, as Muslims, have to consider. Most of these things wouldn’t even cross the mind of a non-Muslim, but that’s why it’s important to be considerate if you do have Muslim colleagues or employees.

If you want a few pointers on how you can make life easier for your Muslim staff members, then keep reading. We’ve got you covered.

[Disclaimer: These do not apply to 100% of Muslims, but this is general guidance]

1. Prayer

Muslims pray 5 times a day – the prayers last around 5 minutes each.

Some of these prayers will fall within office hours, 3 of the afternoon ones, max. So ensure you can accommodate at least one room, even if it’s small or labelled a general prayer/wellness room (we’re not a fussy bunch) so that they can carry out their obligations in a clean area, away from any distractions.

2. Friday Lunch Slots

Friday prayer is an obligatory congregational prayer for men in the mosque.

It tends to last 1 hour, max. While most Muslims can navigate the timings & find mosques where it doesn’t clash with lunch hours, occasionally it can be tricky so allowing them to use their lunch hour around that time can be a helpful alternative to give them the time they need to carry out their duties.

3. Don’t Hug or Kiss When Greeting Unless you Have Permission

While most Muslims don’t have issues with shaking hands with the opposite sex, some will find it a little awkward to hug/receive a peck on the cheek when greeting.

Keep it to a safe handshake unless expressed otherwise.

4. Food. Food. Food.

Muslims only eat halal meat, but if that’s not available, then prepare vegetarian/vegan/fish dishes. But let me tell you, halal meat will win you some brownie points and it takes nothing away from non-Muslims, who can eat the same thing!

5. Ramadan!

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset. In the winter, only lasts between 8-12 hours but in the summer months, it can be up 19 hours. If you notice a Muslim a little tired/feeling under the weather, ask how they are and see if they need any support. Even the kindness of just asking a simple question will make them feel a bit better.

If you want more advice about Ramadan, click here.

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Written by Mvslim

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