5 WAGS of Muslim Football Players You Should Know

We always see the performances of football players on the pitch, but we never know what happens behind the scenes. One thing is certain: these great athletes receive great support from their wives and are more important than we could imagine. They prepare the meals, make the footballers feel at ease and console their husbands after a bad game or loss. Mental support is an important aspect in every relationship, but especially for a professional athlete. This is: 5 WAGS of Muslim Football Players You Should Know.

1. Amal Belhanda, wife of Younes Belhanda

Isn’t she gorgeous? She had all eyes on her during the Galatasaray-Sivasspor match. Amal is married to the Moroccan midfielder Younes Belhanda, who currently plays for the Turkish team Galatasaray. They are true childhood lovers and have two kids: Muhammed and Amal. Both are born during Belhanda’s career at Dynamo Kiev.

2. Magi Salah, wife of Mohamed Salah

This Egyptian queen is married to the Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, who looks unrecognizable on this picture without his curls. Magi and Mohamed are married since 2013 and have a daughter named Mecca, referring to the holiest city in Islam.

3. Tugba Sahin, wife of Nuri Sahin

They married in 2007 and are still together, so you know it’s true love. Tugba was only 18 years old when she said yes to Nuri, while he was only 19 years old and still at the beginning of his football career. In 2011, their son Omer was born. 

4. Amine Gulse, fiancee of Mesut Ozil

Gulse is a star in Turkey and won the 2014 edition of Miss Turkey. Since March 2017 she got engaged to German-Turkish superstar Mesut Özil. Both have been spotted with engagement rings, even though they mentioned that ‘they were only friends’. They actually wanted to keep everything a secret, but have recently revealed that they are both in love with each other. So it won’t take long before these two lovebirds will get married!

5. Gineba Touré, wife of Yaya Touré

Gineba and Yaya Touré have been married for 12 years and she has supported him all the way. From his career in Ukraine until his major days during his career at FC Barcelona (where he won the Champions League) and Manchester City, where he currently plays. Gina and Yaya have one son, named Dimitri.