5 Things About the DC Riots That Don’t Make Sense!

On Wednesday 6th January 2021, the meeting grounds of the U.S senate, the Capitol building, was stormed by Pro-Trump supporters and ‘demonstrators’. The rioters tussled with the police force and eventually terrorised their way into the Capitol Building.

As the news spreads and information about how it went down unveils, there are some gaps in the narrative that are causing confusion and do not make sense.

Here are 5 of the biggest things about the DC Riots that don’t make sense.

1. Law Enforcement Were Complicit?

On Wednesday, thousands of Pro-Trump supports were able to get into the Capitol and social media has erupted with questions as to how this was made possible.

Prominent activist, Linda Sarsour, shared her suspicions on social media on Wednesday and claimed that the riots were not ‘spontaneous’, they were ‘organised’. From her experience, she claims that it should have been almost impossible for the ‘protestors’ to ‘get to this place … without the complicity of law enforcement’.

Footage has been released online that calls into questions whether the Capitol security intentionally allowed the protestors to enter the area and storm the Capitol building.

The video below clearly shows members of the law enforcement opening up the gates and allowing the ‘protestors’ near the Capitol building.

2. Why Was There No Use of Force?

A huge question being asked on social media is; where was the use of necessary force to protect and defend the Capitol building and the members of staff within it?

Dr. Omar Suleiman tweeted that; ‘If this was a BLM Protest, this would’ve been America’s version of the Rabaa massacre. Outrageous’.

Comparisons have been drawn across social media that if the demographic of the rioters had been Muslims or Black, the outcome of Wednesday’s events would have been very different and much more violent.

3. Did Trump Have a Part to Play Within This Mess?

Trump has been known to be an instigator of right wing aggression and violence. So this is not surprising. On the 30th December 2020, according to Fox News, Trump tweeted;

“Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election,”

“Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, only decided on Wednesday after the DC riots happened, that they would delete Trump’s tweets regarding the ‘protests’ and also locked his account for a mere 12 hours.

Trump had been making false accusations for months, that the elections were stolen, but the social media platforms took no steps until the violence finally ensued.

4. Is American Democracy Really Great?

America is known for its expansive foreign policy and meddling in international affairs of other nations during seasons of unrest, with the claim of protecting oppressed citizens and encouraging democracy.

Statements have been made across social media stressing the irony of a nation that cannot defend its own political institutions against protestors but claims to have the right to topple governments in other nations.

DOAM posted a satirical caption on Instagram stating;

‘Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq are closely monitoring the situation in the United States and have expressed their concerns. If matters escalate they will send a joint peacekeeping force to Washington to restore order and protect ‘democracy’.

Oh how the tables have turned!

5. Protestors or Terrorists?

These riots have left 4 citizens dead and there were a number of reported bomb threats at the Capitol.

Despite these scary events, the right wing media has refused to ascribe the label ‘terrorists’, ‘acts of terror’ or ‘acts of treason’ to the events that unfolded on Wednesday.

Greg Kelly, presenter on conservative platform, Newsmax stated;

“These people don’t look like Trump supporters. Trump supporters don’t do these things.”

Across conservative media platforms, according to the Washington Post, a common line of argument was;

‘That the protesters were “infiltrated” by outside “agitators” in an effort to embarrass the president and his supporters — a claim for which no evidence was presented.’

These excuses seem to be missing in situations where the aggressors are found to be Black or Muslim.

Some on social media have labelled the events of Wednesday as terrorism. Podcast host and Political commentator, Momodou Taal stated that it was a;

”White supremacist terrorist … coup in the states”.

What are your questions about the #DCRiots?

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Written by Hafsah Dabiri

Editor in Chief at Mvslim. Diversity and Inclusion advocate. Currently taking the road less travelled. Praying I don’t get lost :sweat_smile: