5 Muslims Everyone Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great social media platform to connect with people from all over the world. But it’s also a cool place to read funny tweets and watch the funniest vines and videos. Muslims are not an exception. In fact, there are Muslims on Twitter who are quite famous with a huge fan base. Here’s a list of top ‘tweeters’ who are seriously funny and informative! Feel free to share some of your favorite tweeters.


Raz is not only a hilarious Viner, but his Twitter account is pretty funny too. Here’s a funny way how to convert your children to the TRUE One direction. This tweet was perfect!


LOL, this does sound familiar. The key is to remain focused during prayer. But this sounds really distracting! I’m starting to get hungry over here!


We all know how Twitter can be. You might see content on your timeline that you’d rather not want to see. Especially during Ramadan. Zaid has a tip on how to take care of this problem. Check out his Youtube channel while you’re at it!


This account is awesome. It has funny yet educational tweets. A must follow if you want to have a good laugh or whenever you’re bored! Although this isn’t actually a person, it’s still a funny account!


Last but not least is Omar Imran. This guy is hilarious! You’ve probably seen one of his tweets pass by on your Facebook newsfeed. Definitely worth the follow!

If you feel like your timeline needs to have tweets like these, make sure you follow them! Guaranteed to have a laugh! And of course non-Muslims can follow them too, that way they can understand what we think is funny. Enjoy!

Written by Mansour Jamal Ibrahim

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Mansour Jamal Ibrahim is a 22 years old and studies to become a business engineer. His main interests are history, languages, economics and modern technologies.