5 mistakes we make during a weight-loss diet

Did you ever try to lose some weight? Well, then you know it’s not easy! Next time, avoid these five mistakes, they really make a difference:

1. Eating nothing
Some people think that when they want to lose some weight, that they must famish to see a result. Wrong! It’s very important, also during a weight-loss diet, to get all the nutrients you need. So, when you are on a weight-loss diet, make sure that your diet consists of vegetables, fruits, and products with fibers, because they contain the most important nutrients! And it is not wise to remove certain products during the diet. Those products usually are the products rich in sugars. When you stop eating those products while your food always contains it, you will provoke binge-eating, which is not the intention. Instead of removing those fatty and sugar-rich products, you can plan a day in a week to eat, for example, some chocolate (but not too much!). If you find it difficult to lose weight and eat healthy at the same time, you can visit a nutritionist and they will develop, together with you, a personalized weight-loss diet plan and, if necessary, an exercise regimen!

2. No physical exercise
Thinking that losing weight is only related to food; eating less and not moving all day. Exercise is also important, to maintain your muscle mass during the diet. Proteins, therefore, take a very important place in a weight-loss diet. Proteins are the building blocks for your muscles and they provide adequate saturation, so you won’t get hungry quickly! You will feel much better when you do a workout and the results will be shocking! Do the sport you love. Don’t you like the gym? Go outside and run! Do you like dancing? Put your favorite music on and dance! (I mean go crazy ;))

3. Quit the diet after a bag of chips
I know many people who quit their diet after a binge-eating. Commonly they eat a greasy bag of chips or a chocolate bar in the evening while watching TV and after that, they lose all their trust in themselves to lose weight. While they’ve eaten 5000 kilocalories less than usually during a week diet and quit their diet only by eating 400 kilocalories at one evening, unfortunately! It is quite normal that you’re in a mood for sweet or fatty products during a weight-loss diet. Don’t feel guilty after binge eating! But eat the next day for example a bit less than usually. That’s also called a “balance day!”

4. Fall back on old habits after reaching the target weight
You automatically avoid greasy products and products rich in sugar during your weight-loss diet. Maybe you also do some physical exercise to lose weight. It is a pity when you quit those good habits after reaching your goal. Of course you should not be strict for yourself, but try to strive for a healthier life and not only for a target weight. This usually occurs by people who follow a strict diet list. But when you change your lifestyle and start to eat healthy, you’ll never need a diet to follow! And you will start feeling much better mentally and physically!

5. Weighing every day
I know you can’t wait to see a result of your diet. It is very normal that you weigh a few grams more after a meal. Therefore it is best to weigh yourself once or twice a week to see a result. When you see a big change, you will get motivated. But if you are weighing every day and don’t see much change, that will demotivate you!

Written by Gulsah Kayar

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Gulsah Kayar, 23 years old and Nutrition & Dietetics student. She loves baking, travelling with her friends and playing sports.