5 Hydrating Products You Need This Ramadan

The beginning of Ramadan is a great time to introduce new habits which includes establishing a skincare routine. The combination of a lack of sleep and a lack of water can leave your skin looking extremely dull and cause a lot of unwanted dryness. 

It’s also worth noting that when you’re fasting, don’t be afraid of a little break out here and there, it’s natural due to the increase of oily foods implemented during iftaar and don’t forget about the post-binging (don’t worry there is no judgement here!)

Alongside a daily skincare routine, it’s essential to also incorporate healthier eating habits like focussing on foods that are rich in vitamins, drinking enough water and fighting the urge to consume every sugary food under the sun – these products are definitely more effective in conjunction to a clean and healthy diet plan.

Here are a few products that have been tried and tested by yours truly and will hopefully have you glowing all Ramadan (in addition to the glow that comes from praying Tahajjud!)

Rating: 8/10

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Cerave is definitely a cult-fave skincare brand.

Their products have been going viral all over social media for the best part of a year now and it is all worth the hype after seeing the incredible results. And the bonus is that it’s so affordable! It’s incredibly hydrating and doesn’t leave my skin dry after washing. It’s gentle and contains a great selection of ingredients including three essential ceramides.

From the many cleansers I’ve tried and tested throughout the years, this one is always the one I go back to.

Rating: 10/10

Credit: Boots UK

I’ve tried nearly every eye cream on the market, from high end to drugstore but this one has come out on top.

You’ll be sure to notice a difference with consistent use, that’s the key. The main ingredient, retinol, is known to help reduce fine lines by increasing the production of collagen in your skin, alongside decreasing fine lines it can help with fading age spots as well.

This product is for nighttime use only, for daytime I also recommend, the caffeine eye cream, which has definitely helped me look more awake regardless of what time I sleep after Suhoor.

Rating: 8/10

Premium halal skincare brand, Anaaka, have a great selection of moisturising products but this day cream is one of my favourites! The fact that it has added SPF is a huge bonus, ideal for someone who is overwhelmed by the thought of layering products on after every Wudu and doesn’t like that general, greasy feeling that you often find with SPF – this just sinks into your skin like a dream!

It also contains a combination of powerful peptides and antioxidants that can help defend your skin barrier and keep your skin hydrated. It also is a great product to introduce into your routine if you’re looking into preventive skincare.

Rating: 6/10

Credit: Amazon UK

This intensive lip balm only needs to be applied once or twice a day. I also use this around my cuticles after Wudu and it hydrates the area pretty well. Typical lip balms stay on top of the surface of the skin once applied, but this specific one penetrates the skin providing longer-lasting moisture.

Rating: 8/10

This light-weight face oil helps bring life back into dull skin and gives your skin a velvety finish. This oil contains 3 cold pressed oils, black cumin seed oil (also well known as Kalonji, a Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH), camellia seed oil and Rosehip seed oil. We recommend massaging the excess oil into your neck for added hydration.

Cold pressed oils are great for sensitive skin and are non comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores.

By Afroza Masinwala
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