5 Great Replies To Islamophobia We Can All Learn From

Islamophobia is being expressed everywhere online and in real life. When news about a Muslim, or something that relates to Islam is being shared, you always see a few comments of people who have a “strong” opinion on these matters. The same thing happens at events where Muslims are present. The best thing to do when this happens is to look for replies that deal with these hateful reactions. Here are five replies to Islamophobia we can all learn from.

1. Where is Muslimland exactly?

Sometimes simple geography does the trick.


2. Poor Bob


3. This guy just danced

A few weeks ago, there were protesters at the Eid Festival in Anaheim, California, shouting Islamophobic messages to the Muslims that just wanted to celebrate their holiday. Teenager Ibrahem Dalati just started dancing and others joined him quickly, ignoring the hateful bystanders. You can check out the video here.

4. This reaction from a Houston mosque after a fire was great


5. Say it with a selfie

At a demonstration of an anti-Muslim political party in Antwerp, Belgium, this young Muslim girl took some sassy selfies that went viral immediately.

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How do you reply to Islamophobia? 

Written by Hanan Challouki

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