5 children, 5 religions, 5 prayers: a beautiful short film

In this short film, the director shows us how five children with different religions pray every day. You see children from around the world, carefully pull on their best clothes and get ready to go to their houses of worship. They have different religions (Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian), but when they pray, they look quite similar. It’s a beautiful piece of art about spiritual reflection.

Written by Taha Riani

Founder of Mvslim.com - Managing Partner at Allyens.com | The most important message I want to share, is the awareness of and the need to anticipate our society and the way it’s changing. We are living in a hyper diverse and digital era; something most organizations are aware of, but haven’t figured out how to respond to it. My mission is to design these in our current society and anticipate the future.