5 Advantages of Studying Together

Studying can be hard and when you’re doing it alone, you’ll give up a lot faster. That’s why you should find a study buddy! Not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons that will make you see why studying together is better than studying alone.

1. Two people know more.

It’s easy math. You know stuff. But you don’t know everything! Yet even if you’re some kind of genius and you do, than you still study with someone else. Just to help a poor guy/girl out.

2. You can motivate each other.

When you’re so tired or frustrated that you just want to give up, your study buddy will help you through. We all need a push once in a while. It’s great to have someone who will remind you that it will all be worth it in the end.

3. Notes and more notes.

During examens, you often realize you’ve missed more classes than you thought. Or you were there, but just not “really there”. Because when you look at your notes, you don’t find much information in them. Compare notes with your study buddy and find out what those two words in the corner of your notebook actually mean. Of course, you also lend your notes. Sharing is caring.

4. Make summaries together and divide your work.

You can divide your chapters or classes and lighten the burden. A great summary always comes in handy during exams, but it’s often impossible to do all the work alone. Work together and you’ll see you will even find time to relax once in a while.

5. It’s just more fun.

Studying together also means taking breaks together. And that’s just a lot more fun do to with someone you like and helps you through these tough study moments!

Written by Mvslim

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