4 Inspiring Ramadan Charity Campaigns You Should Know About

Ramadan is a time for us to reflect, revive and purify ourselves: a time to become closer to our religion. During Ramadan – more than any other time – we should use our time to do good and help others do good. Doing good deeds and forming good habits should be part of our daily lives no matter what time of year it is, but if you are lacking on the side of keeping up with or forming good habits Ramadan is certainly the time to start. Here are four initiatives from this year that are worth your time and money.

13.1 mile Ramadan Run to Feed the Hungry
Arif Kazi has launched a campaign to help raise awareness for the hungry in America. 1 in 6 Americans face food insecurity. Food is a basic human necessity. Kazi created the idea that we could all donate $13.10 to help our hungry neighbours. Since the launch of this campaign at the beginning of Ramadan Kazi has ran the hotlanta half marathon while fasting to raise awareness for our hungry neighbours. The fundraising initiative is still continuing till the 26th of June. 

LaunchGood’s Ramadan Challenge
LaunchGood has launched a Ramadan campaign of their own at the start of the month. The campaign finishes after the 30 days of Ramadan and allows you to set a daily goal to donate throughout the month. You can connect with other people who have joined the initiative and interact with them and their daily and monthly goals. LaunchGood will provide you with campaigns and initiatives that are relevant to Ramadan and your interests.

Every Meal Together – Ramadan 2017
Hand in Hand for Syria has launched a campaign called #EveryMealTogether. For the people in Syria this will be their 7th Ramadan in a state of war. Millions of families across Syria are far away from their homes, internally displaced in makeshift shelters, tents and refugee camps. For many their main focus will be finding food. This Ramadan Hand in Hand aims to feed as many families as possible to ensure everyone has something to break their fast with.

Give Clean Water – Ramadan 2017
This fundraising campaign was started to help provide water to as many families as possible around the world during Ramadan. Their goal of $5000 will bring clean water to 166 people this year. Though their goal has since been reached, they are still collecting donations to put towards helping more people who are in need of water.

Written by Rimsha Sayyed

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Rimsha Sayyed is a 19 year old student in journalism from Toronto, she is currently looking to expand her blog platform and aspire to use media and writing as a platform for herideas and opinions.