3 Times Aziz Ansari Stood Up Against Islamophobia In the Funniest Way Possible

With the approach of the U.S. presidential election, there have been many calls from Muslim and non-Muslim public figures for eligible Muslims to vote in this election. It would help preventing Trump’s success. His hostility towards innocent Muslims and hateful speeches have resulted in hate crimes and a negative impression of Muslims.

For the third time, Aziz Ansari has used an available opportunity to express his rejection of Trump’s policies and expressed his fear of the presence of such a mentality in the presidential position for Muslims. All of these attempts were very successful and went viral! Here Are The 3 Times Aziz Ansari Spoke Up Against Islamophobia & Racism And Nailed It:

1. “ Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family” – His open letter in The New York Times.

On June 24, 2016 Ansari wrote an article for The New York Times. He called out Trump for his xenophobic rhetoric and that article went viral. In his article he explained what effect islamophobia has on his daily life and family.


2. “Mom And Dad, You Need To Be Escorted Out” – His speech during the Emmy Award.
The American actor and comedian used his platform at the 2016 Emmy Awards to speak out against Donald Trump’s xenophobic campaign. As he was accepting his award for his show Masters of None, he joked that after careful consideration, he’s decided to vote for Trump at the American presidential elections that will take place in November.


3. “How many celebrities need to make these stupid video” His ‘go Vote’ video
In a video released on October 17, he criticizing members of the demographic for their inability to commit to electing Hillary Clinton president. “Oh Aziz, some of the millennials are really responding to you, if you can make a video,” he mimics the pleas that made him agree to appear in the video. “Really?? There’s a fucking guy running that says he hates brown people. That’s not enough?”

Aziz said about himself that he is not religious, but he stands up and uses humor to fight Trump’s policy, and this is a very effective way to counter the waves of Islamophobia that is mostly spread by media, racist people and of course, Trump. Aziz opposes Trump because he cares about his family and fears for his future and all Muslims around America.

American Muslim comedians increasingly criticize not only Trump and the GOP but also the American public as a whole for allowing a presidential candidate to get away with anti-Muslim rhetoric and policy proposals. But unfortunately, there still people who support Trump and do not care about what might happen to their Muslim neighbours if Trump succeeds. However, what Aziz and all public figures do surely will have a clear impact on the coming election.

This article is written by Samar Badr

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