23 Things You’re Tired of Hearing as a Muslim

1. It’s just a kiss on the cheek?!

2. It has pork in it.

3. Are you going to the club with us tonight?

4. Sooooo, how do I pronounce your name again?

5. That candy? Oh it has gelatin in it…

6. Why do you take a water bottle to the toilet?

7. *totally amazed* you NEVER drank alcohol before?

8.  Parents answering a question with ‘in sha allah’ (Coming from parents it usually means no)

9. When are you planning to get married?

10. *when married* When are you planning to have kids?

11. Why are all your cousins called Mohammed?  


12. Do you speak muslim?

13. What do you think of terror and mass shootings?

14. Oh my god, your English is sooo good?

15. Why do men wear dresses?

16.  Are you forced by your dad to wear that (hijab)?

17.  How many wives do you have?

18.  So many nieces and nephews! (When they’ve only seen a third)

19. Are you allowed to choose for yourself who you’re going to get married to?

20. Are those pajamas underneath your coat?

21. Why do you have to be home so early?


  22. *About anything you don’t like* Is it because of your religion?

23. Just take a sip, I won’t tell anyone!

Written by Mvslim

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