23 Struggles All Muslims Feel During Ramadan

1. Seeing designed Ramadan Mubarak cards shared across WhatsApp. And feel conflicted about whether you should share that it’s horrible.

2. Getting annoyed by every small problem.

3. Constantly having to say no when all of a sudden everyone offers you food.

4. Feeling your stomach turn while you’re working.

5. When it’s only 4 PM but you’re so tired.

6. Everyone thinks you’re a vampire because you keep avoiding the sun. 

7. Talking in small sentences because you don’t want to waste energy.

8. The struggle of swallowing water when performing wudu.

9. When you’re standing in the kitchen all day while fasting. 

10. Or worse: sitting alone in the cafeteria. 

11. When it’s finally time to ea… Ow it’s already Fajr.

12. Explaining Ramadan every Ramadan. 

13. When people try to convince you Ramadan is unhealthy. Sigh.

14. Studying for your finals is much harder than you expected. 

15. Seeing your little brother or sister eating can be tormenting. 

16. When you’re a guy but you wish you were pregnant during Ramadan. Ugh. 

17. Wanting to drink water. All day long.

18. When your parents expect you to do the same household work as before Ramadan but you just can’t.

19. Being forced to hear the same old date-jokes EVERY YEAR.

20. Hoping for rain but getting tropical weather and desert temperatures instead.

21. When the imam turns Taraweeh into a late-night gym session. #Legday

22. Struggling to fix your sleep schedule.

23. When you’re full but you know you’re going to regret the next day that you didn’t eat it.

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Written by Mvslim

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