2020 Olympics: Japan Making it Muslim Friendly

Tokyo is this year’s PLACE TO BE for all the sports and Olympic games fans. With athletes and visitors from all over the world going to the far east Asian country Japan to enjoy this year’s biggest sports event, there is no doubt that there will be some Muslims among them. But they don’t have to worry, Japan is making it Muslim friendly! 

Halal food 

Food might be one of the biggest concerns for Muslims when travelling abroad. Muslims also want to enjoy the local cuisine and taste the exiting flavors of that country. Japan knows about that and has been actively working towards offering a variety of halal food. 

Source: www.arabnews.jp

Restaurants are being encouraged to gain a halal certification that is granted by the Japan Halal Foundation. This foundation signed an agreement with the Muslim World League that will be the exclusive provider of halal meals during the 2020 Olympics as well as generally in Japan. Together they organized workshops for chefs on how to prepare halal food as well as a halal food fair. 

Many traditional Japanese restaurants will be offering halal food during the 2020 Olympics. Marrybrown, a fast food chain, is hoping to open a halal branch in Tokyo ahead of the games. This way visitors will be able enjoy many local dishes without worrying.

Muslim friendly accommodations

Although there is no such thing as a completely “Islamic” accommodation in Tokyo, there are a few hotels and guesthouses who offer halal food and praying rooms. There are not only big hotels like Park Hyatt and Richmond Hotel that offer halal meals and items for the prayer, other small guesthouses have noticed the importance of becoming Muslim friendly. One of them is Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. There you’ll find halal food, prayer items, a prayer room and a Qibla indication. 

Source: www.muslim-guide.jp

This is not only because of the 2020 Olympics, but also because of the increasing tourists coming from Malaysia and Indonesia. 


You’ve probably already heard about the ‘mobile mosques’ that will be present during the 2020 Olympics. Japan does not disappoint when it comes to technology and innovation. Not even when it comes to creating a mosque on wheels. This fascinating mosque will stop at every destination of the Olympics. 

Source: Foreign Press Center Japan

This 25-ton truck opens from the back, creating a praying space for 50 Muslims. This mobile mosque also offers a washing section on the outside for those who need to perform ablution. 

But Tokyo does not only offer these creative mosques, traditional mosques can be found as well. Camii mosque is the biggest in the country and definitely worth visiting while you’re in Tokyo.

Source: www.matcha-jp.com

Japan is for sure prepared to make Muslims feel welcomed during the 2020 Summer Olympics. So if you haven’t booked your tickets yet, now is the time to do it!