18 year old Hadeel killed by Israeli police

On Tuesday morning the 18 year old Hadeel Hashlamoun was shot by Israeli police in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron. The Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz reported that she was shot after she tried to stab an Israeli soldier. Eyewitnesses, however, reported that all she did was open her bag for inspection when she got to the checkpoint. When she did this the soldier started yelling out of panic, thinking she would pull out some kind of weapon and shortly after he shot her several times.


In the video posted by Pal Media you can see how the young woman is lying in her own blood. An Israeli spokesman said that Hadeel was taken to the hospital immediately after she was shot, but the footage shows how the young woman was left to bleed instead.

The night before another Palestinian was killed by Israeli forces. The 22 years old Diyaa Abdul-Halim Talahmah was shot dead during an Israeli dawn raid in the village of Khursa near Hebron. The Israeli army reports that the young man attempted to throw an explosive at a military vehicle, then he was shot multiple times.


Hamas condemned both attacks, they’re also calling on the international community to hold the Zionist responsible for the Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

There has been a lot of tension across the West Bank, especially with the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur which starts Tuesday evening, and Muslim holiday Eid El Adha starting Wednesday evening. Israel mobilised thousands of police in Jerusalem where they closed the city off from the West bank.

Written by Mvslim

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