15 Fashion Influencers Who Will Be Attending Dubai Modest Fashion Week

Dubai Modest Fashion Week, the heartbeat of modest fashion, is coming closer and every fashionista is looking forward to it. This ultimate event will be held on December 8th & 9th, 2017 in one of the highest-traffic and prestigious venue, the Burj Park – Downtown Dubai.

But who are the attendants?

I listed 15 influencers who will fly to Dubai and who you definitely would love:

  1. Dina Torkia

It's getting cold and I loves it

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Dina Torkia or Tokio is without any doubt “The Queen of Modest fashion”. London based blogger, vlogger and influencer will be part of the Dubai Modest Fashion Week. She has been creating content for her YouTube channel and blog ranging from styling tips, to everyday lifestyle vlogs and passionate rants. Her YouTube channel has garnered attention and allowed her to dip into the world of presenting with her own BBCThree documentary that aired in 2015.

2. Halima Aden

The amount of times I wore shirts over my head 👕🤠

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Halima Aden, the first Hijabista model to walk international runways to be signed to a major agency, opened her eyes to the world at the United Nations refugee camp in Kenya and moved to the United States at the age of seven. After Miss Minnesota Pageant at 2016, she started to take over the runways and she became the first contestant in that pageant who was wearing a Burkini and a hijab. The following year she was signed to IMG models. She walked at New York Fashion Week along with numerous designers, including Max Mara and Alberta Ferretti and many more.

3. Habiba Da Silva

I pray you all have a wonderful Friday 💚 hijab is earth from @habibadasilva #habibadasilva

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Habiba Da Silva is an international influencer based in the United Kingdom. She has over a million followers on social media and is well known for her blogs and vlogs on fashion and beauty.

4. Mariah Idrissi

Hope you all have a great day 😎❤️ #London

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Mariah Idrissi, based in UK, is a model and influencer. She gained recognition as the first Hijab-wearing model when she appeared in multinational retailer, H&M’s “Close the Loop” campaign.


Samia is a cute fashion blogger from Antwerp in Belgium and she is known for her oversized outfits (which we adore!). Furthermore, she loves to inspire other girls and she wants them to keep doing what they love to do and make the best of it. Samia will also be one of the influencers attending the Modest Fashion Week in Dubai.

6. Sara Sabry

I like to wear my fruits 🥝🍍🍌🍒 Sunnies: @grand.optics Earrings: @elsaolaccessoire

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Sara, based in Canada, is an international vlogger and influencer. With her Egyptian roots, she became a social media sensation by documenting her life and making comedy videos.

7. Ashley Al Busmait

Ashley Al Busmait, based in Dubai, is a rising Emirati/Mexican fashion influencer.

8. Rumena Begum

Rumena, based in London, is a Bangladeshi fashion blogger. Rumena is known for her lovely sari’s, dresses & urban outfits.

9. Sara Mouslli

Sara Mouslli, based in Dubai, is a modest fashion blogger, and a social media advocate.

10. Omaya Zein

Omaya, based in the UK, is a Youtuber and beauty blogger. She is half Palestinian, half Venezuelan and an international modest fashion influencer.

11. Nabiilabee

Nabiilabee is a nice fashion blogger and influencer followed by hundred thousands of people all around the world. She loves to inspire modest fashion lovers with her cute style.

12. Zaskia Sungkar

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Zaskia Sungkar is an Indonesian actress, singer and fashion designer with more than 11 million followers on social media. She will exhibit her collection during the show, together with @wardahbeauty.

13. Eileen Lahi

Guys!!! It’s final!!! I can finally announce that I will be attending Dubai Modest Fashion Week @modestfashionweeks 8-9 December at Burj Park, Downtown Dubai ❤️ inshaAllah ❤️ I cannot wait to catch up with everyone around the world and I cannot wait to meet you! Please try your best to make it!!! Comment below if you’re planning to come ❤️❤️❤️ ::::: ::::: Thanks to the sponsors: @emaardubai @modanisa @wardahbeauty @dorisdorotheaofficial @thecfddubai The event is brought to you by @thinkfashionco & Red Connect ••• ••• PS! Dont forget to check dubaimodestfashionweek.com They have Emerging Modest Fashion Designer Award going on! Maybe you can be the winner! Check my stories for more! ❤️ #dmfw #dubaimodestfashionweek #modestfashionweeks #thinkfashion

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Eileen Lahi, known as @eslimah, is an Estonian teacher and fashion blogger, based in Qatar. Besides blogging, she is passionate about travelling, animals, photography, and food.

14. Hasna B.

Hasna B is a Moroccan blogger/youtuber with a master in Education and Health. She is very passionate about fashion, beauty and travelling.

15. Flywithhaifa (Haifa Beseisso)

Haifa, based in Dubai, is a Palestinian girl who decided to leave her job to travel the world and spread tolerance between cultures through her videos. She likes to refer to herself as the “Stereotype Eraser”.

We’re looking forward to their appearances!

For more information, check out:
Website: www.dubaimodestfashionweek.com
Instagram: @modestfashionweeks