11 Awkward Situations You Can Get Yourself in During Eid

Muslims around the world are counting down the days until Eid Al Adha. And although everyone is looking forward to this Islamic holiday, they are not that excited about all the awkward situations that could happen. Mvslim made you a list of 11 awkward — to say the least — situations you can get yourself into.

1.     Not knowing how many kisses to give

2.  Not recognizing family members you haven’t seen since last Eid

3. When non-Muslims ask: ‘Eid? Again?!’

4. Being fed up of the invites to a tons of family gatherings

5.  That awkward question why you only visit your family members on Eid

6.  Not knowing who that aunt is?

7. Not knowing how to reply to ‘Eid Mubarek’

8.   Having to tell the story behind Eid Al Adha to your non-Muslim friends over and over again

9. Having to answer the question: ‘But why do you mistreat animals?’

10.  When you have to take a day off from work, but you already asked a day off a week ago

11.  That awkward moment when you’re vegetarian, so you have to explain why Eid Al Adha isn’t your favorite holiday

We hope you get lucky this Eid and don’t get yourself into any of these situations!

Written by Imane Boujdaini

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Imane Boujdaini is a 20 year old student of Finances and Assurances who has a strong interest in the Middle Eastern and North African culture. She is always down for a good laugh (and a cup of tea).