10 Signs You’re Definitely at a Muslim’s House

Every house has a different style. Some people like to have it all clean and tidy, while others prefer to live in a mess. Still there are always a few resemblances according to your own personal interests. Gamers will have all sorts of videogames, fashion girls and boys are known for their extraordinary wardrobes, people who love to cook have a whole assortment of cooking stuff, and Muslims, well, they do have their specific things too. Here are 10 signs you’re definitely at a Muslim’s house.

1. There’s a line of shoes at the door or right in front of the carpet.


Most Muslim parents are pretty strict when it comes to this.

2. Prayer mats, prayer mats everywhere.


Prepared to pray, anywhere!

3. Al-Jazeera is on, at the highest volume.


No one knows why.

4. You’ll spot a frame with Arabic letters somewhere in the living room.


Don’t worry, it’s mostly Quranic verses or other religious texts.

5. You’ll hear “Allahou Akbar” when you don’t expect it.


You know, like the regular phone conversations.

6. There’s a small bucket in the bathroom or toilet.


It’s to wash yourself before prayer.

7. You might not see it, but there’s a Quran somewhere in the house.

giphy (10)

No need to look for it though.

8. The clock screams in Arabic five times a day.

What-Excuse-me-Say-what-GIF (1)

It’s just the call to prayer.

9. You’re offered food, even when you say you’re full.


Just take it.

10. People whisper in Arabic before they eat.


It’s a Muslim thing.

But most importantly, you’re welcome any time! 


Written by Mvslim

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