10 Reasons Why The Burqini Ban is Absolutely Ridiculous

Today in France, a Muslim woman on the beach in Nice was asked to remove her clothing because her outfit was not “respecting good morals and secularism”. Humiliating a Muslim woman in public seemed like the right thing do to for the French police. Last week, Nice banned the burqini on the grounds that it’s a manifestation of a religion, when France is “under attack”. Apparently burqinis are attacking them, because we have no idea why else they would link a specific outfit like this to terror attacks. The burqini ban is absolutely ridiculous and here are 10 reasons to explain why.

1. The burqini ban is the ultimate paradox.

Liberating Muslim women from oppression by dictating what they can and can’t wear. In what world does this make any sense at all?

2. The ban is inherently Islamophobic.

Its purpose is to deliberately discriminate a minority group: Muslim women.

3. It’s a violation on women’s rights. 

It’s not only a violation of religious freedom, but also on women’s rights and thus a feminist issue which needs all women to speak up if they truly consider themselves a feminist.

4. It’s turning France in the morality police. 

Patrolling the beaches in search of burqinis and harassing Muslim women is turning France in exactly what they’re against; a morality police like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

5. We live in a diverse society, now deal with it. 

We have to accept that we live in a diverse society with different opinions and individual life choices. People should wear what they want to wear, whether it is for religious reasons or not.

6. It’s against the liberal values of our societies. 

The right to practice your religion freely is one of the basic values of liberalism and the articles of every human rights convention. The societies that are talking about a burqini ban are those who’ve committed themselves to uphold these values.

7. The victims of a ban are just women who want to swim.

It’s a basic argument, but people keep forgetting that is not a ban against religious extremism or violent group of people. These are simply women who want to swim.

8. The ban stands for religious intolerance. 

The burqini ban stands for religious intolerance and if France wants to go down that road, they are simply booking a ticket back to the Dark Ages.

9. There is not one valid reason for this rule. 

It’s a very selective policy with no valid reason at all. Reading the arguments of the politicians that want to implement a burqini ban, it’s all about what they think is appropriate or not. The personal preferences of politicians are not valid arguments.

10. The burqini ban is covering up our actual problems. 

It’s so ridiculous that it’s starting to get serious, it’s like the burqini is a major problem in society. Why don’t politicians focus more on what actually matters instead of using this as a distraction?

What do you think of the burqini ban? 

Written by Mvslim

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