10 Questions Many American Muslims Are Asking Themselves On The Day Donald Trump’s Becoming President

Today is Inauguration Day, which means it’s official: Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America. Here are 10 questions many American Muslims are asking themselves on this “special” day.

  1. Wait, what?
For those of you who were never really sure this was going to happen, it is. 
  1. How the hell did this happen? 
Nobody knows. 
  1. Should I start packing already? 
We have no idea. 
  1. How hard can it be to move to Canada? 
*enter Google search* 
  1. We can survive this, right? 
I guess… 
  1. Can we? 
I hope so. 
  1. Is there any way we could still turn this all around? 
I’m afraid not. 
  1. What’s the worst thing that could happen?
Do you really want the answer to that? 
  1. What if it all turns out to be OK? 
It could. Maybe. 
  1. Should I do something, like maybe share my concerns?
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Good luck, America! 

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