10 Muslim Sportsmen That You Should Definitely Know About

We already know some of the greatest inspirational Muslim sportsmen of all time. Just at the top of our heads we can name a few: Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Shaquille O’Neal. But who else is trying to reach for the stars, and land among these Muslim superheroes? We’ve compiled a list of 10 inspirational Muslim sportsmen and here it is!

1. Ameer Abdullah


Is there anything this Detroit Lions rookie can’t do? Abdullah started his football career by accomplishing the #2 all-time rusher spot, and broke a few records. Alongside these achievements Abdullah continues to represent himself graciously as a Muslim individual. When asked about his faith he intelligently says, “I just encourage everyone to educate themselves before taking a stance on something that they may not really know about.”

2. Dennis Schroder


German-Muslim point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, Schroder is 22 years young and tremendously talented. He is assertive on the field, and preserves an admirable charm. After losing his father he decided to step up and pursue his dream in sports, driving him to the NBA. He’s an inspiration to all striving athletes, showing them that they too can achieve their goals through dedication.

3. Edin Dzeko


Dzeko portrays a passion for success. With commitment he followed his dream to become a professional soccer (football) player. This athlete sharpened his skills and is now a forward for the Italian club Roma, and the Bosnia-Herzegovina national football team. His accomplishments make him motivational, and inspiring.

4. Amir Khan


Khan is a British professional boxer of Pakistani descent. Among his many accomplishments, one of them includes him being the ‘Youngest British Olympic Boxing Medalist’ in his earlier years. With an exceptional record of 31 wins, Khan keeps himself humble. He is also a humanitarian for his notable contribution to charities around the world.

5. Husain Abdullah


This NFL athlete for the Kansas City Chiefs is known for his epic interception, and touchdown against the New England Patriots (2014). Abdullah also portrays inspiration and integrity as he sat out his 2012 season to go for the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca with his brother Hamza Abdullah, a retired NFL athlete.

6. Aqib Talib


This mean, scoring machine is an NFL cornerback for the Denver Broncos. His triumphs include him being named as ‘Defensive Back of the Year’ (2010) and ranked as one of the ‘Top 100 NFL players’ (2014). Recently Talib’s athleticism assisted the Broncos, this landed him into his first Super Bowl 50 and championship victory.

7. Kenneth Faried


This humble, but ferocious NBA athlete plays for the Denver Nuggets. Faried lives up to his given nickname, “The Manimal” for being a monster on the field, having strong work ethic, and ridiculous dunking skills. Not only does he show skill, but also challenges his opponents to work harder against him.

8. Marouane Fellaini


Fellaini is a professional soccer (football) sportsman. He plays for Manchester United and also represents international teams. Known for his creative heading ability and endurance on the field, he has won many awards for these skills. One of them includes him achieving the award for the ‘Best Player of the Season of African Descent.’

9. Enes Kanter


Canter, NBA player for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Previously played for Utah Jazz, where he received recognition for his improvement as an athlete. He has proven worthy against some of the best teams in the league with his fiery offensive skills. Last but not least, this Turkish athlete is an inspiration for his non-stop persistence and determined attitude.

10. Nail Yakupov  


Yakupov plays Hockey for Edmonton Oilers team. He was drafted as a first overall pick in 2012. Ice hockey and Yakupov go way back, he has been on the rink since he was very young. Along with many ‘Rookie of the Month and Year’ awards throughout his career, he is also the first his ethnic kind (a Tatar) to be selected in the NHL entry draft.

Did you know all these amazing sportsmen?

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