10 Fashion Vloggers That Ruled 2016

It’s no doubt that social media helped thousands of people to get their voices heard this year. Although the sheer presence of the hijabi women on social media have taken criticism from some, these 10 women inspire many with their bold and unique stance on Youtube. You’ll probably recognise some faces, but let’s (re) discover some of these successful vloggers.

1. Dina Tokio

The UK based Egyptian Dina Tokio is one of the first women to start her Youtube Channel. She makes you watch the videos on fashion and lifestyle again and again thanks to her funny personality. We won’t be wrong if we claim that she is the ‘rock star’ of the modest fashion on social media. Having her own clothing line, Dina is really good at making fun of the hate speeches towards Muslim women. Her husband Sid accompanies her most of the time, even when she gives makeup tips. They also have a shared channel where they help their audience by answering some tricky questions

2. Eswaratti


Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Mimi turns everything about life into something funny while giving practical tips. Starting off with the idea of making videos on designing bracelets, she has achieved to get the attention of many people in a short time. You can easily define your own style, make a perfect messy bun, prepare delicious snacks, etc. thanks to her do-it-yourself videos. The best thing is that you can put all these things into practice with what you already have at home!

3. Amena

The UK based beauty and lifestyle vlogger is a make-up guru. You can find product reviews, makeup tutorials and tips on living healthy. Amena also has  her own brand called Pearl Daisy. She designs what she calls ‘Hoojabs’ (hooded hijabs) and accessories. Having launched her own makeup company, Ardere Cosmetics, and Lashionery, where she sells false eyelashes, Amena gives a hint of her everyday life, sharing vlogs with her husband.

4. Ruba Zai

Ruba Zai, aka Hijabhills, inspires many women with her vlogs on beauty and fashion. She addresses every modest woman of any age with her hijab styles for any occasion and time as well as her useful tips on makeup that keep up with the latest trends. Ruba Zai’s videos have almost 37 million views. She really proves that one can go glam with simple but cool choices.

5. Nabiila Bee

The UK based Russian Algerian Nabiila, aka NabiilaBee, designs ready-to-wear modest and sophisticated styles and offer them to the taste of fashion lovers under her own brand NabiileBee. As most of the modest fashion vloggers, you find hijab and makeup tutorials on her feed. But, her classy picks that get along with the season’s favorite styles and trends definitely help one define her own style, thus making one claim ‘Styling is a cinch!’

6. Sebinaah

Sebina Hussain has her own unique style. She manages to look flawless even in simple outfits. She shares her opinions on varying issues – from what to wear on Eid to studying law or Islamic discussions, in addition to beauty and fashion tips.

7. Omaya Zein

Omaya Zein embraces a witty language in her vlog. She doesn’t only makes videos on how to wear hijab or makeup, but also shares her funny experiences in everyday life. You can find yourself laughing, for instance, while watching her vlog on how she learns a foreign language.

8. Saimastyleslike

Fashion blogger, photographer and vlogger Saima Chowdhury from the UK has an incredibly rich feed. She not only gives ideas about the latest fashion trend or shares her opinion on fashion shows, but she also features many topics, varying from anime recommendations to styling tips for a date night or Valentine’s Day. It seems that she will have much more followers thanks to her ‘ootd’ vlogs and funny feed.

9. Lookamillion


The makeup artist, blogger and vlogger Lookamillion takes our attention with her unprecedentedly bold look. She works her magic on makeup. If you love gorgeous, remarkably chic styles, her tips will work well. Her mother also vlogs on fashion and makeup as ‘Mummillion’.

10. Nadira037

Nadira037 from the US stands out with her do-it-yourself videos. Her sewing tutorials and style tips are cut out for creative minds. If you are dreaming of creating your own clothes, her do-it-yourself videos will be really helpful to discover your own talent.

This article is written by Burcu Özgüçlü 

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