10 Blogger Inspired Looks That Are Perfect For Eid

It’s almost Eid and many of us are still not sure when we will be celebrating this special day. But let’s leave the moon gazing up to our dads. Especially since we have other things to focus on, like finding that perfect outfit for Eid for example. Finding the ultimate outfit can be a tricky challenge, you might be conflicted whether to wear something traditional or not, maybe you have sisters to compete with and finally you still have the struggle of actually finding what you have in mind in the stores. But to help you out a little, here are 10 looks that can inspire you on your journey to finding that outfit that will have all your aunties go like “Mash Allah!”.

1. Dressing up, literally.

Do you have that one dress in your wardrobe that has been waiting for months and months to be pulled out on the right occasion? Well this is the perfect timing to pull out that exact dress, because you can finally rock that jewel without looking overdressed. Because let’s be honest, during Eid, the rule of ‘less is more’ may be ignored. And that’s exactly what Manal did in this bedazzled black dress that she topped off with a cute little belt.

Today's dress from @muhmin_london in Saira 💕 🌻(belt not included)

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2. Overall nude

But don’t worry, you don’t have to go for the most sparkly dress if you want to look put together for Eid, and that’s exactly what Rads proves with this complete nude look. It’s a simple outfit but it is perfect if you’re more into simple and clean looks.

📸: @simplysamaa

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3.  Simple and sleek

If you’re not into wearing a thousand layers you can totally keep your look simple yet appropriate for special occasions. Lina paired some wide trousers with a blouse that she tucked into the pants. This gives her an effortless appearance that is ideal if you want to look put together without the fuss of wearing five different layers.

yesterday's outtie ✨👼🏼

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4. A jeans kind of girl

All the previous outfits were mostly classic looks involving sparkly dresses and wide trousers, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put yourself through the horror of wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in. If you’re more like a jeans kind of girl you can totally pick your favourite pair of jeans and dress them up with a cute blouse and still be Eid-ready just like Sahar.

5. Fancy some fringe?

Omaya went for an all-white outfit adding a fringed skirt to make this look pop! If you want to go for an all-white outfit, look for some accessories or that one special item to spice things up and take your complete look to whole other level.

☀️🌴Ready for the summertime!🌴☀ #HFinspo #Hijabchamber #HFupclose

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6. Cute co-ords

Are you someone who is conflicted every year, not knowing whether to go for a ‘traditional’ outfit or not? Depending on your culture, traditional attires can be quite colorful and layered and sometimes even really expensive. But there are ways to add a traditional touch to your look without having to deal with all these ‘struggles’. Dina for example opted for this beautiful co-ord set that involves comfy trousers and a blouse in the same pattern. Even though this might be one of the most comfortable outfits from this list, she looks just as Eid-ready as the others.

7. An abaya for an effortless look

Abayas come in all shapes and sizes: you have open ones, closed ones, black or colourful ones, patterned, plain,… The list goes on. But whatever style you choose, you’ll look effortless in one, just like Ameena in this beautiful camel piece.

foto 7

8. Graphic skirt

We’ve seen looks with dresses and trousers but let’s not forget that you can also make a statement with the right skirt! Hana chose this graphic piece which draws all the attention to her outfit. Not really into being the centre of attention? No worries, you can opt for a skirt in a more neutral color and you will still rock this look!  

I got my wings 💜

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9. Match with your sisters

It’s almost your worst nightmare becoming a reality when you see that you share the exact same outfit ideas with someone else. But this problem can actually be solved quite easily. You can both give a different touch to an outfit. These two best friends from the BreathOfFreshAir blog styled the stripes theme in two different ways, both looking great!

Storm Troopers

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10. Everything flowy

Nothing better than a flowy dress on a warm summer evening, right? That’s probably what Asma must have been thinking when she picked out this classic outfit which is not only perfect for warm summer evenings but also for when you’re celebrating Eid with your friends and family.

foto 10

Written by Latifa Saber

Latifa Saber is a 21-year-old student with strong opinions on pretty much everything. Feminism, literature and fashion are her main fields of interest.