This Moroccan scientist invented a chip that recharges your battery in 10 minutes

Rachid Yazami is a Moroccan scientist who made an amazing chip that can recharge your phone battery in 10 minutes. Currently living in Singapore and working for the Nanyang Technological University, he designed a chip that can be placed in the battery of your mobile phone or any kind of machine that has a battery. This chip even warns you when the battery is defective. With this kind of technology it will be safer for us to use our equipment.

It took Yazami at least five years of developing. He said: “My vision for the future is that every single battery will have this chip, so that the risk of fire or explosion in electronic cars or equipment will be less.”

They expect that the chip will be released in 2016. Rachid Yazami is one of the inventors of the lithium batteries that were made in 1980. He has over fifty patents and is the author of more than two hundred publications about batteries.

Written by Soufyan Harraoui

Soufyan Harraoui

Soufyan Harraoui is 19 years old and interested in everything that is related to computer science. He also loves writing poetry and taking photographs.

  • williamdecade

    amazing and wonderful in many aspects, including safety, hopefully it will be released with widespread affordability for most……W

    • Sohayb

      The scientist died,he was assassinated .