10 Things That Would Happen If These Disney Characters Were Muslim

Most of us grew up watching Disney movies, some of us wore costumes of our favorite characters while others collected old VHS tapes and DVD’s. Disney was a huge part of this generation’s childhood. We learned important lessons from each movie that came out. Religion however was never brought up, this was probably to broaden the audience. But what if some Disney characters were Muslims?

1. Aladdin wouldn’t be able to pay for Princess Yasmin’s dowry.


2. Snow White living with 7 strange men? Don’t think so.


3. A kiss to wake up Sleeping Beauty? Definitely a no go.


4. Home by midnight? Cinderella better be home by 9. And with two shoes on.


5. Belle finds a beast in the castle? She should’ve read Qur’an before entering.

giphy (11)

6. Ariel would look really cute in her new burkini.


7. Princess Jasmine would read Quran to protect Alladin from the genie.


8. The frog prince would never turn human again.


9. Pinocchio would be punished by the local imam for all his lies.


10. And Rapunzel letting down her hair? The prince would be waiting forever instead.


Written by Mvslim


In the mixed society we live today, we went looking for the ideal platform for Muslims. And of course, we didn’t find it. So we made one ourselves.

  • Kion

    Hello! There are somethings like for sleeping beauty which have no sens and which ont represent Islam : in deed for example for Sleeping Beauty of course it’s not forbidden in Islam because the Prince kisses her to save her live and because he is her true love ! Muslims have hearts ! And there are other things which have no sens too… Anyway before to write things like those, look for the truth, look for what islam really is. Thanks

    • Kion

      I am Muslim and in our Time it is difficult for a muslim to live in peace. And truly what I road has hurt me because a lot of people think that Islam is a religion of terror and which is forbidden to do anything and that article is just pourring oil on the fire… but don’t worry… I forgive you 😉