Palestinian and Israeli Women Walking Hand in Hand For Peace

More than 5000 Israeli and Palestinian women, dressed in white, have arrived in Jerusalem after a two-week march through the West Bank and Israel on October 8th. The women are calling for politicians to find a solution to end the decades-old Middle East conflict.

“We must reach a political agreement, we must change the paradigm that we have been taught for seven decades now, where we have been told that only war will bring peace,” said Women Wage Peace activist Vivian Silver. “We don’t believe that anymore. It’s been proven that it’s not true.”

The group Women Wage Peace, an organisation established after the 50-day Gaza war of 2014, organized the march. During that war more than 2100 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed. Israel put the number of its dead at 67 soldiers and six civilians.


Palestinian and Israeli women demand peace

These Palestinian and Israeli women demand only one thing: Peace.

Geplaatst door Al Jazeera English op maandag 9 oktober 2017

Source: Al Jazeera English

“Among us are women from right-wing parties, left-wing parties, Jews and Arabs, women from cities and rural areas. Together we have decided to prevent the next war,” said Marilyn Smadja, one of the founders of Women Wage Peace.

“This march is not just another protest, but a way of saying that we want peace, and together we can obtain it,” said Palestinian Huda Abu Arqoub, cofounder of WWP from Hebron in the West Bank.

The event was aimed at sending a message to the political leaders on both sides to seek peace and ensure that women are represented in the negotiations.